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Director (A) Busby Provides Remarks at NSA Conference 2024

On February 3, 2024, National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Director (A) Holly Busby addressed the Jails, Detention, and Corrections Committee of the National Sheriffs’ Association at their Winter Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. Busby expressed her gratitude to the committee for their commitment to fostering safe, secure, and humane environments for staff, residents, clients, visitors, and the public through responsive programs and services.

During her remarks, Busby made several announcements, including the historic achievement of NIC at having reached a milestone in providing 50 years of training, assistance, and information to the field of corrections. She also reiterated NIC’s commitment and involvement in the administration of the U.S. Department of Justice Jail and Justice Support Center and discussed other new NIC initiatives, such as the Critical Incident Response and Assistance Program, and provided statistical information in support of the National Sheriff’s Institute since its move to the FBI academy in October 2022.

In conclusion, Busby announced that the NIC Jails Division hopes to be able to add 4 new staff members in the near future, enabling NIC to do more for the nation’s jails.

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